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Maxim World is the company of choice for hoteliers who are looking to enhance guest experience.

Maxim World

Maxim World is founded on the fundamental premise of offering our customers the most elegant and refined products of superior quality. Since 2004 Maxim World has been a major presence in the hospitality industry working with the largest hotel brands, making us the company of choice for a global client base. The whole range of products for rooms, bathrooms, spas and food & beverage has been designed with the hotel guests in mind, using a variety of materials such as wood, stone, leather, glass, metal, resin and melamine. Our innovative and forward thinking team ensure our products are not only of the highest standard but are also sustainable. We incorporate the latest technological ideas to design items that are always contemporary, aesthetic and environmentally friendly.

The entire team is genuinely proud of the work they produce and they relish receiving feedback from customers and exceeding their expectations in every way. We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality and care right from our designers through to production and direct to the customer, combining speed and efficiency. There are thousands of styles in our portfolio and with the ability to customise our clients’ needs, we are confident that we can produce items to complement your setting, wherever that might be.

Why Maxim World?

  • We provide uniquely designed, practical and high quality products.
  • We have a global client base and work with the best names in the hospitality industry.
  • We offer extensive range of products with over 8000 styles with an ability to customise the products with materials that are sustainable.
  • We provide efficient and reliable end to end service, from design through production to delivery and after care.
  • We are built on the ethos of exceeding client expectations.
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